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It's time to look back at last year's resolutions to see how we did and to make 5 new promises, well one of us has 5 new ones. Four new movies are flickfessed and it all happens in a backyard.

Something happens in the first segment of the show that causes Anderson (me) to become terribly distracted moving forward. If you've seen Groupers and would like to give your honest rating please do so HERE. By no means do I think it's a perfect movie,  and I'm not asking for charity, but could really use some honest ratings for the movie. The number of votes has doubled in the last 4 days and just about everyone of them is a 1 star rating. Don't want to say it's being targeted and attacked by a group, but it sure does seem like it. If you've seen it and haven't rated it yet please find the warm cockles in your heart to do so HERE

Listener Art: Drake Duchman



The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Midnight Family


After Class

Anderson's List:

  • 5. More Social Media Engagement on Behalf of the Show
  • 4. Don’t Let RT Scores Effect What I See
  • 3. See More Little Movies
  • 2. Get the Archive Up and Running
  • 1. No More Fuckflix

Bryan's List:

  • 5. Live Event
  • 4. Hire a Producer
  • 3. Sox
  • 2. See every Oscar-nominated film
  • 1. New Sniff Trax this month

Featured Artists: Madly in Dub & Marius Paxcow

The Gambling Flick: The Grudge

Anderson: 42% 

Bryan: 33%

Current Score: No Score

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