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Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 SONGS PERFORMED IN MOVIES.  Written for, and performed in, the films, these songs were so great that they transcend their existence within the story to be enjoyed on this podcast.  They also give their thoughts on recent new releases including Live From New York!, Dope, and Inside Out.

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After a round of Flickfessions where the guys discuss Jurassic World, Anderson and Bryan take to the sky with the TOP 5 AIRPLANE SCENES.  They discuss their favorite moments set on, in, and around airplanes.

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Anderson and Bryan pay special attention to the TOP 5 UP-AND-COMING DIRECTORS.  They each give their lists for the filmmakers to keep an eye on.

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Refreshed from a week away, Anderson and Bryan return to tackle the TOP 5 FILMS WITHOUT A PLOT.  After a round of Flickfessions, they discuss the difference between plot and story before diving in to the topic.

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