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After a debate in last week's episode, Anderson and Bryan test their hypothesis with the TOP 5 COMEDY SEQUELS.  They present their lists to determine whether or not comedy lightning can strike twice in the same place.  In addition, they flickfess The Nice GuysA Bigger SplashNeighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and Look Who's Back.

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Fresh off the boat from his Alaskan cruise, Anderson joins Bryan to flickfess, red light and/or green light films currently in production with Diana Van de Kamp, as well as give you five films each that you can currently enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

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While the guys are working hard to craft their upcoming live show, they crack open the vault to bring you another classic episode from 2010: TOP 5 SEX SCENES.  Originally censored by the show's former network, the bleeps have now been removed from some very explicit clips.

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May's first blockbuster marks the beginning of a new film season, as well as Anderson and Bryan's SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW 2016.  They flickfess Lost SoulThe InvitationAnt-Man, and Keanu, then get to work on their lists.

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