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It's time to put 2011 to bed with THE 2012 VAULTIES.  Anderson and Bryan go over their favorite films from last year.  Then, the guys go over their picks for who will win which awards at this year's Oscars.

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Get your ballots ready, this week we talk about the TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS.  Listen along as Anderson and Bryan each give you five things that are guaranteed to happen at this year's Academy Awards.  Then, Miss Movies returns for a brand new installment of Red Light/Green Light.

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 DIRECTORS YOU'VE BROKEN UP WITH.  The relationship was exciting in the beginning but has since gone sour.  Before that, the guys go through the assigned viewing list from the film class Logan is taking, and more Oscar nominees are flickfessed.

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After a round of Flickfessions, Anderson and Bryan talk about the bad guys you love to root for during the TOP 5 ANTI-HEROES.

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