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Host of You Made It Weird, the very funny Pete Holmes joins Anderson and Bryan to delve deep into the TOP 5 PHILOSOPHICAL FILMS, but not before they defend some regularly picked on movies and trash a few commonly loved ones.

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As you brave the long lines during this shopping season, listen along as tech reporter Rich DeMuro joins Anderson and Bryan for this year's Top 5 Gifts For Film Lovers.

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This week, Anderson and Bryan discuss the characters with lapses in sanity by going through the TOP 5 MENTALLY ILL CHARACTERS.  They each give their five favorite, not mentally disabled, but mentally ill characters.

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Finishing off the election season, Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 POLITICAL FILMS.  Plus, one of the guys wins this week's gambling segment by the narrowest margin yet.

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Anderson is back with Bryan to discuss the TOP 5 MOVIES YOU WISH YOU COULD SEE AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME.  They discuss 10 films that made such an impact, they wish they could wipe the memory of them from their brains, and experience them again.

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