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Somehow Live-Actions Musicals were not covered in a top 5 list after over a decade of ranking films. Well that comes to an end this week as Bryan and Anderson take a good hard look at their favorite Musicals of all time. Ad Astra and Ask Dr. Ruth are Flickfessed and we did a Bonus Spoiler Episode on Ad Astra for Patreon.
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One of the best times of the year is upon us, a chance to look ahead at the best of the award bait films that will be released before 2020. Bryan and Anderson rank their top 5 films they’re most excited to see between now and the end of the year. 
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In honor of Mexican Independence Day we take a look at the very best scenes that have taken place in Mexico. It Chapter Two is also served as well as Bryan's pick of the week, a small doc. about baseball cards and deeper family issues called Jack of all Trades. 
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It's that time of year to look back at another summer gone by and the top movies it bestowed upon us. How many of these will make it into our 2019 Vaulties is the real question.
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