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Tech expert Rich DeMuro is back for the annual TOP 5 GIFTS FOR THE FILM LOVERS episode.  The guys each present their lists of gifts they, or any movie lover, would love to get for the holidays.

Flickfessions: Justice League, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

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With a major recast in the news, the guys decided it was time to talk about the TOP 5 RECAST ROLES.  Starting off with the men, they share a little knowledge of who was originally supposed to play some of their favorite roles.

Flickfessions: Long Shot, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, Nature Boy

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After flickfessing the most recent Marvel film, among other, Anderson and Bryan get into the TOP 5 INTERROGATION SCENES.  They talk about their favorite scenes involving extracting information.

Flickfessions: Thor: Ragnarok, King Of New York, Suburbicon

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Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 DRUG LORDS.  Leaving the lower level dealers for another episode, their lists focus on the big bosses.

Flickfessions: Split, Palo Alto, A Monster Calls, Big Night

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