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Anderson and Bryan check in to the TOP 5 MOTEL SCENES.  They discuss their favorite moments that are set locations more affordable than a hotel.

Flickfessions: Bad Times At The El Royale, First Man, Superheroes Decoded, Baskin

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Anderson and Bryan hold the "wickeds" as they discuss the TOP 5 FILMS SET IN BOSTON.  In preparation for Anderson's trip there, the guys felt they should brush up on the city's portrayal in film.

Flickfessions: Hold The Dark, Knuckleball, Filmworker

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They're big.  They're loud.  They're dumb.  But, they're a lot of fun to watch.  Anderson and Bryan go over, what they refer to as, the TOP 5 FRANK MOVIES.

Flickfessions: A Star Is Born, Daddy's Home, Venom

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Anderson and Bryan take on the heavy burden of researching the TOP 5 SUICIDES.  Although grim in nature, their choices range from comedic to tragic.

Flickfessions: The Gold Man & The Gun, Love, Gilda, Bomb City

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