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Keeping with the annual tradition, tech expert Rich DeMuro joins Anderson and Bryan in making their lists of the TOP 5 GIFTS FOR FILM LOVERS.  They each give five suggestions of great gifts to get that special cinephile in your life.  Flickfessions: Can We Take A Joke?, Loving, and Captain Fantastic

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Although must critics would disagree, Anderson and Bryan share their love of the TOP 5 ROTTEN FILMS.  They list off their favorite movies that have a score lower than 60% on RottenTomatoes.  Flickfessions: Moonlight, The Butcher Boy, and Arrival.

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Anderson and Bryan obsess over the TOP 5 OCD CHARACTERS.  After they flickfess Amanda Knox, Before Midnight, Doctor Strange, and Hacksaw Ridge, they start listing their favorite characters with obsessive habits.

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The polls are in and Bryan and Anderson have the results of the TOP 5 POLITICAL DOCUMENTARIES.  They each discuss their nominees for their favorite doc surrounding a political subject or scandal, after flickfessing Oasis: Supersonic and City of Gold.

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