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With the Academy Awards on the horizon, get your Oscar bets placed with Anderson and Bryan's TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS 2019.  They give you their predictions for what will likely happen during the big awards show.

Flickfessions: Hale County This Morning, This EveningThe House That Jack BuiltAlita: Battle AngelPrivate Life

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Love is in the air, but it might be poisoning the TOP 5 TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS. Anderson and Bryan discuss some of the worst couples in film.

Flickfessions: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Zama, Of Fathers And Sons, Get Me Roger Stone

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Anderson and Bryan settle up on their TOP 5 BAR FIGHTS. They discuss their favorite throwdowns in or outside of bars.

Flickfessions: Minding The Gap, They Shall Not Grow Old, Cold War, Free Solo, Abducted In Plain Site

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Anderson and Bryan parse through the dozens of films at this year's Sundance Film Festival for their SUNDANCE RECAP 2019.  They're joined by Alex Ferrari, author of the book "Shooting For The Mob," and founder of Indie Film Hustle, to go over the films worth discussing.

Flickfessions: The Hate U Give, At Eternity's Gate, Burning, First Reformed, Paddington 2

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