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After sharing their reactions to this year's Oscar nominees, Anderson and Bryan move on to an even more controversial topic, TOP 5 ABUSES OF POWER.  As if real life wasn't bad enough, the guys discuss the most egregious examples in film.

Flickfessions: Darkest Hour, Mudbound, Call Me By Your Name

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As the Sundance Film Festival 2018 kicks off with premieres of many great films to come, the guys sift through the entries and discuss which they're most excited for.

Flickfessions: The Post, I, Tonya, Phantom Thread

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Anderson and Bryan cover the TOP 5 JOURNALISTS.  They talk about their favorite reporters in film.

Flickfessions: All The Money In The World, Molly's Game, Patti Cake$

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The chase is on while Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 CAT AND MOUSE MOVIES.  They talk about their favorite films where a character pulls out all the tricks to evade their pursuer.

Flickfessions: Wonderstruck, Attack In Cell Block 99, Brigsby Bear

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