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The guys tempt nature this week as Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 ANIMAL ATTACKS.

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Continuing to draw inspiration from The Revenant, Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 DIY SURGERY SCENES.  They describe the most cringe-worthy scenes where a character has to tend to their own injury.

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After discussing the Oscar nominations and paying tribute to Alan Rickman, Anderson and Bryan look ahead and give their annual SUNDANCE PREVIEW.  They have each done their research, and list the films that seem most interesting to them.

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Anderson and Bryan reflect on the gambling results over the years by going over their TOP 5 MOVIES ASSIGNED TO EACH OTHER.  Also, in lieu of Flickfessions this week, the guys are joined by Diana Van De Kamp for a round of Red Light / Green Light.

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To celebrate the New Year, Anderson and Bryan take a look back on the history of The Film Vault by releasing a classic episode.  While discussing their picks for TOP 5 CAMEOS, the guys enjoy the remnants of the beer keg from Bryan's birthday party, make inappropriate remarks at an employee, and nearly drown.  Originally aired: 9/17/2010

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