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Anderson and Bryan scratch their heads at the TOP 5 MOST CONFUSING FILMS.  They do their best to explain the best and worst of the movies that left them with the many questions.  During Flickfessions, Anderson gives his review of American Ultra.

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From Xenomorph to Thermian and everything in between, Anderson and Bryan cover the TOP 5 MOVIE ALIENS.  They also both share their thoughts on Straight Outta Compton, and Anderson flickfesses a film that's running on a loop at his home.

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Diana Van De Kamp stops by to present Anderson and Bryan with actual films that are currently in some stage of development for another round of RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT.

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Although technically released, Anderson and Bryan are in denial of the films so bad that they make the TOP 5 FILMS WE AGREE WERE NEVER MADE.

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