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Anderson and Bryan take a shot at the TOP 5 STABBINGS.  They discuss the scenes involving the violent act that stood out most to them.

Flickfessions: The Last Laugh, Alien: Covenant, Love

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Filling in for Logan while he's on vacation, Diana Van De Kamp is running the board and the games for this week's episode.  After a brief flickfession, Diana kicks off a round of Red Light/Green Light, including a theme song that she wrote for it, followed by a round of the IMDB Parent Guide Game.

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Anderson and Bryan pay up on the TOP 5 TRANSACTIONS.  They discuss their favorite scenes where money, or goods, exchange hands.

Flickfessions: De Palma, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Romeo Is Bleeding

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It's Bryan's time to shine as he and Anderson talk about the SUMMER PREVIEW 2017.  Their lists are packed with both big budget blockbusters and smaller indie films.

Flickfessions: Married To The Mob, Joe Crocker: Mad Dog With Soul, Casting JonBenet

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