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It's time to look ahead at the SUMMER PREVIEW 2018.  Anderson and Bryan discuss the biggest summer movies they're most excited for.

Flickfessions: You Were Never Really Here, Box Of Moon Light, African Queen

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Anderson and Bryan cheer each other up by discussing the TOP 5 SAD SACKS.  They chat about why each character on their lists are the best blundering fools.

Flickfessions: 8MM, The Death Of Stalin, Paterno, Andre The Giant

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The clock is ticking as Anderson and Bryan countdown the TOP 5 RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK SCENES.  They chat about their favorite moments made more tense by time limits.

Flickfessions: The Weather Man, A Quiet Place, Blockers, Wild Wild Country

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Rounding out last week's topic, Anderson and Bryan turn their attention toward the TOP 5 ROTUND (FEMALE) CHARACTERS.

Flickfessions: Isle Of Dogs, Suburbia, Ready Player One

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