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School is in session and Anderson and Bryan are assigning the TOP 5 MOVIES THAT FEEL LIKE HOMEWORK.  They discuss the films that they have always wanted to see, but avoided for one reason or another.  Flickfessions include The Beginning Of Life, Suicide Squad, Hardcore Henry, and The Magnificent Seven.

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Recorded and saved for the event of child birth, Anderson and Bryan answer questions from the listeners.  Before that, Diana Van De Kamp sits in for a round of Red Light/Green Light.

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As the potential Oscar nominees start trickling in to theaters, Anderson and Bryan look ahead at the FALL PREVIEW 2016.  They discuss their most anticipated films that will be released in the coming months, after flickfessing Bad Moms, Batkid Begins, King Jack, Sully, and Who Took Johnny.

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Anderson and Bryan objectify the TOP 5 MALE ACTORS CURSED BY GOOD LOOKS.  After flickfessing Hands of Stone, The Light Between Oceans, SOMM: Into The Bottle, and Holy Hell, they make their cases for why each actor on the list does not get the respect they deserve because of their handsome faces.

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Another season gone and another SUMMER RECAP 2016 is upon us.  Anderson and Bryan list off their favorite films of the past few months, after they flickfess The Counselor, Kubo and the Two Strings, Hell Or High Water, and Hands of Stone.

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