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L.A. got talked up last week, this week the east coast gets counted down. It's cram time with the upcoming Oscars and more importantly the upcoming Vaulties, so there are many movies Flickfessed, six in total. 

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As summer movies release earlier and earlier each year, so does the SUMMER PREVIEW 2014.  Anderson and Bryan look at what they hope to be the best films of the season.

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Exploring the careers that were tragically cut short, Anderson and Bryan pay tribute to the TOP 5 ACTORS WHO DIED BEFORE THEIR TIME.  Also, Anderson shares clips of people auditioning to read for Bryan's audiobook.

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Taking a look at the chameleons behind the camera, Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 DIRECTORS WITH THE MOST RANGE.  But before that, Bryan takes one last look at the Best Picture nominees, and how they could be "Better With Biehn."

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Anderson and Bryan give you the advantage in your Oscar pool this Sunday as they run down the TOP 5 OSCAR LOCKS 2014.

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After much confusion over the wording of this week's topic, Anderson and Bryan work their way through the TOP 5 FILMS DIRECTED BY WOMEN.

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After an awkward situation involving Bryan attempting to give Anderson an advance copy of his book, the guys attempt to move past it and tackle the TOP 5 GOOD PERFORMANCES IN BAD MOVIES.

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