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With the unfortunate news that Daniel Day Lewis will be retiring from acting, Anderson and Bryan mull over the TOP 5 ACTORS THEY WISH WOULD RETIRE.  They discuss who no longer has that ability to stand out on the silver screen.

Flickfessions: All Eyez On Me, Transformers: The Last Knight, Nobody Speak: Trials Of The Free Press, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

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Anderson and Bryan go through the TOP 5 FRANCHISE KILLERS.  The films discussed were received so terribly that any future plans to continue the story were cancelled.

Flickfessions: They Call Us Monsters, Benjamin Smoke, All Eyez On Me, It Comes At Night, Krisha

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After a usual round of Flickfessions, Anderson and Bryan scrub up for the TOP 5 SURGERIES.  Their picks for their favorite scenes range from those set in a medical environment, to some more improvised atmospheres.

Flickfessions: Wonder Woman, War Machine, Sandy Wexler, Pumping Iron

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Anderson and Bryan dive deep in to the often overlooked TOP 5 GREAT MOVIES WITH HORRIBLE TITLES.  They discuss why they like each of their picks, and explain how their titles don't do them justice.

Flickfessions: I Saw The Devil, Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows, Wonder Woman

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With personalities as split as the hosts, Anderson and Bryan run through the TOP 5 ACTORS PLAYING MULTIPLE ROLES.  They each discuss their favorite multi-performances within a single film.

Flickfessions: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Mommy Dead And Dearest, The Wall, The Wizard Of Lies

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