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Anderson and Bryan head to the red light district in search of the TOP 5 WHORES.  After Anderson makes a big announcement, the guys flickfess Zootopia, The Gift, and Bone Tomahawk, then get to their lists of favorite prostitutes from the cinema.

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After last week's episode, Anderson and Bryan consider the other type of leader as they dive in to the TOP 5 DICTATORS.  They flickfess 10 Cloverfield Lane, then start going through their lists of characters that came to power through force.

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Anderson and Bryan debate the TOP 5 PRESIDENTS.  After flickfessing Phoenix and Salo, the guys cast their ballots for their favorite commander in chiefs of film.

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Honoring the best of 2015, Anderson and Bryan present THE 2016 VAULTIES.  After a flickfession of What Happened, Miss Simone?, Trophy Kids, and Eddie The Eagle, they run down their lists of favorites from the year past.

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