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Some movie lines linger and haunt us for years and in some cases they can last in perpetuity. Bryan and Anderson list the movie quotes that have found a home in their heads and have become part of their own daily lexicon. 

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Cinema changes with the culture and some even argue that movies change culture. Either way, somethings that were considered fine, "normal" and or funny back then are just not acceptable today. Bryan and Anderson look back at some of the things in film that have not aged well.

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Disguises come into play in many a movie. Some are odd, others are impressive while some just don't add up. Bryan and Anderson add up their favorites on this week's episode.

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We've all seen them before, we recognize their faces and refer to them as "that guy" or "that girl" from that thing. But every so often these character actors land a fat role and they make the most of their opportunity and in doing so they shine. Here, Bryan and Anderson list their favorite lead characters played by character actors. 

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 Avengers has Endgamed and Game of Thrones is crawling to a finish. Anderson and Bryan are celebrating these wraps with the top 5 Franchise Finales of all time.
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