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The fuse is lit as Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 EXPLOSIONS.  They discuss some of the best scenes involving the best explosions in film.  Flickfessions: Ip Man, Jackie, Moana, Passengers, and The Founder

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Anderson and Bryan have sifted through dozens of Sundance Film Festival selections, and present the films from this year's festival that they're most excited for.  Flickfessions: Cinderella Man, Hidden Figures, and Lion

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While we're deep in to winter, Anderson and Bryan long for summer with the TOP 5 POOL SCENES.  They chat about their favorite moments set in or around a swimming pool. Flickfessions: Kung Fu Hustle, Fences, Sing Street, and La La Land.

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A long time in the making, Anderson and Bryan are finally joined by their wives, Christie and Gillian, for the TOP 5 MOVIES OUR WIVES LOVE.  The ladies present their favorite films to the disappointment and questioning of their significant others.

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