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While on holiday break, Anderson and Bryan dig a classic episode out of the vault.  It's TOP 5 SPORTS FILMS with special guest Petros Papadakis.

Originally released: 8/20/2010

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As is tradition, the Film Vault family has gathered for the TFV FAMILY XMAS.  The After Disaster's Mike Carano and Tyler White join a returning Miss Movies for the annual gift exchange.

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Anderson and Bryan go through their TOP 5 DRUG SMUGGLING SCENES.  They cover their favorite moments of contraband, including both comedic, and dramatic.

Flickfessions: Creed II, The Great Santini, Swimming With Men

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With so many to choose from, Anderson and Bryan pair down their TOP 5 LAWYERS.  They discuss their favorite attorney's from film.

Flickfessions: The FavouriteWasted TalentJoe Frank: Somewhere Out There

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