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There are all sorts of crying scenes in films, sometimes they make us cry, other times they're played for laughs. Bryan and Anderson rank their favorite male crying scenes in this week's Film Vault. Two spoiler discussions came out of this episode as well, one for Dragged Across Concrete and another for Us. Look for those in the Patreon feed. 

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Good Soundtracks are plentiful, but what happens when the movie it's associated with is no good? Ambivalence is what. Anderson and Bryan search high and low for the movies that they didn't much care for, but were searching for the soundtrack before the last credit had rolled.

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The Film Vault tapes in front of a live studio audience for only the 2nd time in their 10+ year career. The show takes place at the Devil's Brewing Company in San Carlos, Ca. Beers were poured, things were said and the Top 5 Bay Area Films were ranked. This great event was a reminder that this needs to happen way more often!

Thanks to The Devil's Brewing Company and Lou Martinez for hosting the event and to everyone who came out to support!

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Anderson and Bryan give their final word on the best films of 2018.  It's time for the 2019 VAULTIES!  Also, producer Logan makes a big announcement regarding the future of The Film Vault.

Flickfessions: Abducted In Plain Sight, Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot, Street Fight, Assassination Nation

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