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Anderson and Bryan dedicate almost the entire episode to questions from listeners about the show, hypothetical situations, and their personal relationship with each other.  Then, the constantly-evolving IMDB Parent Guide Game is back, and better than ever.

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Rather than leave you empty-handed while Anderson is abroad, he and Bryan have several recommendations for you with the TOP 5 INSTANT STREAMS.  They recommend, not 10, but 20 great films that you should see, regardless of region.

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Anderson and Bryan have a little fun playing casting directors as they discuss the TOP 5 ACTORS WHO COULD PLAY YOUR CO-HOST.  After flickfessing films like Steve Jobs, they present each other with five actors that could play them in a Film Vault movie.

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You won't want to look away from the TOP 5 CAR CRASHES.  Anderson and Bryan go through their favorite moments of automobile mayhem after Flickfessing recent releases like The Martian and The Walk.

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Just like this show's hosts, Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 MOVIES YOU DIDN'T LIKE THE FIRST TIME.  They both discuss their favorite films that grew on them over time, as well as Flickfess their love for the recently-released Sicario.

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