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Joining Anderson and Bryan this week for the TOP 5 UNDER FIVE, John Cho (Harold & Kumar, American Pie, Total Recall) stops by The Film Vault to discuss some brief, but memorable performances.

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Anderson and Bryan talk about the TOP 5 ENSEMBLE CASTS.  Films with not one, but many great performances including some early roles from today's biggest stars.

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Ring the bell.  This week Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 FIGHT SCENES.  From fair fights to uneven matches, you'll hear about at least 10 great brawls in film.  As always, the show kicks off with a spirited round of Flickfessions and ends with another gamble between Bryan and Anderson.

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Bryan flickfesses the movie he was assigned to watch by Anderson after losing last week's Oscar bet.  Then, the guys get into the TOP 5 OPENING TITLE SEQUENCES which proves movies can be awesome before they even begin.  Before bringing the show home, Anderson and Bryan make another bet for next week's episode.

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Before Anderson and Bryan go over their TOP 5 MOVIES WITH THE CHARACTER'S NAME IN THE TITLE, the results of their Oscar bet are revealed.  Find out which host has to watch a movie of the winner's choosing before next week.

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