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Crank up the tunes for the TOP 5 SOUNDTRACKS.  After a round of Flickfessions, Anderson and Bryan talk about 10 films, good or bad, that have excellent music.  Then, this week's gambling comes down to a nail-biting 1%.  Find out who will get to decide which film the other has to watch.

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Almost completely unrecognizable from role-to-role, this week, Anderson and Bryan discuss the TOP 5 ACTORS WITH THE MOST RANGE.  Then find out if Anderson's bet last week was close enough to end Bryan's winning streak.

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Once upon a time, Anderson and Bryan discussed the TOP 5 NARRATED FILMS, but not before flickfessing the past three movies they've seen.

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Loveline's Mike Catherwood joins Anderson and Bryan once again to share stories of embarrassment and frustration for the TOP 5 WORST MOVIE-GOING EXPERIENCES.

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